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  1. Please send me a list of the English and Western classes f or your fair and the entry forms.
    Also, I am available to judge your shows for the fair. Please put me on your list.
    Thank you,
    Shan de Wey, judge, trainer & instructor.


    • Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in the Horse Show! All classes, schedules, and entries will be available online coming soon! We are still working on finalizing everything, but as soon as we do it will be up online. For judging, please contact Cindy Laver or Kathy James. Thank you again for your interest!


  2. Do the 5 concession drinks and 5 hot food items count for the entire fair, or only the two small stands that the carnival sets up? Also, how much longer can online wristbands/tickets be purchased?
    Thank you in advance.


    • The contest has not taken place yet! All info can be found under “The Annual Fair”, then “Miss Lassen County Pageant”. On this page you will see a link for the Little Miss & Little Mr. contest!


    • Yes, both Carnival Daily & Season Passes can be purchased on “The Annual Fair Page”. Just a reminder, Carnival Season Passes include 5 Concession Drinks & 5 Hot Food Items for free!


    • The best way is to hover over the tab, “The Annual Fair”, then click on “Exhibit Entries”. On that page you will click on “non-livestock entries”. Hope this helps!! Thank you for your interest!!


    • For Carnival Wristbands they are going to be $65.00 for the season pass, for the Daily Wristband it is $21.00. Once we are able to sell the wristbands they will be put online. Thank you & hope to see you at The Fair!


    • As of right now there are no cooking competitions, but we have talked about a guys and gals interim event. Right now during our fair we have still exhibits that include baking classes such as quick breads, yeast breads, cakes, decorated items, cookies, pies, pasties, bread basket, as well as preserved foods. Our 2015 Premium Book will be up shortly, where you an find all info regarding exhibits.
      To sign up for an exhibit, simply go to “The Annual Fair” menu and select “Exhibit Entries”. Once on that page, there is a link for still exhibits, “Non-Livestock Entry Form”. Simply fill out completely and send it in either via email or mail! Thank you so much for your interest!


    • The best way is to complete a Concessions / Vendor Application and either email it to lcfair@co.lassen.ca.us or mail it to 195 Russell Ave Susanville, Ca 96130. You can find the application under “The Annual Fair” tab on the menu, then simply click on “Concessions Info & Forms”. This will lead you to the link for the application. Thank you for your interest!


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