Interim Events

The Fairgrounds puts on multiple events besides the Fair!  We are home to the 7th annual Bluegrass Festival, Diamond Mountain Speedway Races, Fireworks Show, Craft Shows, and much More! Click on the links below to visit each Interim Event.  Be advised that Interim Events are subject to change and will be updated as soon as possible.

BBQ Cook Off

 Susanville Street Rodders

Winter Craft Fair

4th Of July

Bluegrass Festival

Sierra Pacific Pygmy Goat Association Show

PGA ContestBaby PygmysHelloPGAPGA3

4 thoughts on “Interim Events

  1. I would like to participate in next year 2020 Lassen County fair. I am doing business in Columbia, SC and very interested in participating as a food vendor at Lassen County fair. Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated in navigating the process in participating as food vendor. Can you furnish me with all necessary documents needed. Thank you.


  2. thank you all for hosting a wonderful bluegrass festival and music camp this year.This was my time attending and I will be returning every year from now on.So fun with great people and music.
    Rick Smith


  3. The Susanville bluegrass festival is my favorite thing to do…I look forward to it every summer. Thanks to all who put on this top-notch festival! Can’t wait for next year’s!


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