36 thoughts on “Bluegrass Festival

  1. The flyer says to purchase tickets at Interim Events, but nothing there.
    The advertised early bird price is $65 for three days, but above, you write that daily passes are $20.
    What about the Thursday night tri-tip dinner?


  2. Hi,
    My name is Becky Webb I am the sister of Darrell Webb…I have a band called Bluegrass OuHtlaws we have played alot of great venues so far & would love the chance to come & play this one…We won the Spbgma Band Competition back in 2016….We are all over the internet we r on Spotify,iTunes,Amazon,Pandora,Cd Baby,ect…We have videos on YouTube u can also check out our music through our website http://www.bluegrassoutlaws.com…I know this email is short but I like to keep things simple…Thank u so much for taking the time out of your day to look over this email below is my contact info hope u have a wonderful & blessed day!!!!
    God Bless…..

    E-mail martin93.rw@gmail.com
    Phone (276)-701-4647


  3. What level will the guitar workshops be at? Two years ago it had a few beginners, and we didn’t learn too much. Greg Blake was awesome last year I wonder if charlie Edsel can step up. I just want to make a 600 mile drive worth it.


  4. BOOKING INQUIRY: BLUEGRASS 2016: The Kevin Prater Band, Belcher, KY.

    The Kevin Prater Band is a Traditional Bluegrass and Gospel Band, currently touring the US and Canada. Kevin Prater has entertained in 23 countries in his 33 year career. He has played with many legends of Bluegrass including 12 years with The James King Band. I invite you to visit http://www.thekevinpraterband.com or band facebook page for up to the minute music, videos, tour dates and more.

    We would appreciate your consideration in your 2016 Bluegrass Festival. I have included links to youtube videos for your review. I would be happy to send you our current Gospel CD “Were You There” or our new Bluegrass CD :Walking Rails and Counting Ties”, which will be released this week.

    Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns

    Stacey Wright, Booking & Public Relations
    The Kevin Prater Band

    https://youtu.be/iU-ADXIk5yc Cheyenne

    https://youtu.be/ZLgWoc8s6qk Blue Ridge Cabin Home

    https://youtu.be/ZLgWoc8s6qk Angeline the Baker

    https://youtu.be/ZLgWoc8s6qk Beulah Land


  5. Just had a good experience talking with Sabrina at the County Fair office in regards to the upcoming Bluegrass Festival and Music Camp. Appreciated her professionalism and nice demeanor.

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    • We recently spoke with Cindy Gray, and we are hoping to really plug away the remainder of this week and get most everything settled in stone next week or the week after. Thank you so much for your interest!


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