Festival of Lights

This year’s Festival of Lights is going to be the best one yet! We are hoping that all of our Sponsors, Local Businesses, Organizations/Clubs and even the local Scrooges participate. Help spread the word that we want to light up the Fairgrounds with Holiday cheer! 

Festival of lights

Christmas Trees on Main St


Friday, December 1st, 5-9 pm (Walk through only due to the Craft Fair in progress)

Saturday, December 2nd, 5-9 pm

Sunday, December 3rd, 5-8 pm

Friday, December 8th, 5-9 pm

Saturday, December 9th, 5-9 pm

Sunday, December 10th, 5-8 pm

Friday, December 15th, 5-9 pm

Saturday, December 16th, 5-9 pm

Sunday, December 17th, 5-8 pm

Monday, December 18th, 5-9 pm

Tuesday, December 19th, 5-9 pm

Wednesday, December 20th, 5-9 pm

Thursday, December 21st, 5-9 pm

Friday, December 22nd, 5-9 pm

Saturday, December 23rd, 5-10 pm

Sunday, December 24th, Christmas Eve, 5-9 pm

Monday, December 25th, Christmas Day, 5-9 pm


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