Fair Buildings

Jensen Hall

Jensen Hall has recently been remodeled and now has a state of the art kitchen with stainless steel work tables, refrigerators, a dishwasher, and convection ovens. It is perfect for receptions, parties and gatherings. There IMG_0573is also a multimedia center that can be used for conferences, slide shows, and has a state of the art sound system.  Jensen Hall is a 60’ X 100’ enclosed building that has a total capacity of roughly 857 people seated and 400 dining with tables. There are restrooms available inside the building. The rental fee includes rectangular tables and folding chairs. The renter has the option of setting up and cleaning up themselves, or paying for labor service. The renter will also be charged for utilities and trash following the event.

  • Event Rate: $600.00
  • Kitchen: $150.00 with rental of Jensen Hall $200.00 without rental of Jensen Hall
  • Multimedia Center: $75.00
  • Set up Rental Fee:  $150.00 (if setting up the day before event)
  • Clean up Rental Fee: $150.00 (if cleaning up the day after event)
  • Jensen Hall Map for E-Mail
  • *If alcohol will be sold at the event, there will be an additional $100.00 charge.
  • *Selling alcohol will require additional liquor liability insurance.

Pregill Insurance Stage

  • Event Rate: $200.00, 5250 sq. ft covered, concrete floors

Carnival Lot

  • Kiddie Lot:  $500.00
  • Large Lot:  $700.00

Industrial Buildingindustrial building

Home to many larger events, the Industrial Building serves as a very versatile building.  To see the size and layout of the building, please click on the link below.

  • Event Rate: $350.00, 40’x100′, steel building, high ceiling, concrete floor
  • Industrial Building

Commercial Building & Floral Building

  • Commercial Building: Event Rate: $275.00, 30’x100′, concrete floor, heated, cooled
  • Floral Building: Event Rate: $200.00, 30’x100′, concrete floor, heated, cooled, indoor fountain/pool
  • Floral building & Commercial Building

Art Buildingart building

  • Event Rate: $200.00, 30’x60′, concrete floor, heated

Lassen Transfer & Storage Stage

  • Event Rate: $225.00, includes garden area