Fair Contests

Nothing Says ‘County Fair’ like an Apple Pie Contest! Here at the Lassen County Fair we hold this event annually as well as multiple other fun contests.  Be sure to check back to view all the contest we offer! Great Fun! Great Prizes!

Thank You to our Contests Sponsor – Tri Counties Bank!!

2016 Lassen County Fair  Contest Winners


Horseshoe Tournament – Day 1

1st – Doug Satica & Patrick Farris

2nd – Pat Cannon & Ryan Huber

3rd – Ron Hailine & Gary McCoy

Horseshoe Tournament – Day 2

1st – William Farris & Ryan Huber

2nd – Pat Cannon & Colton Shields

3rd – Doug Satica & Patrick Farris

Hula Hoop Contest

Jeanette Beach – 18 & up

Ronnie Merrill – 13-17

Morgan Merrill – 13-17

Decklan Blankenship – 7-9

Brennan Beach – 4-6

Watermelon Eating Contest

Spencer Wery – 17 & up

Cooper Albaugh – 11-16

Cutter Nash – 5-10

Let us know your suggestions for contest ideas!

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