Hours and Prices


July 19 – July 23, 2017

Get your Season Passes today! Buy one, get one free! Available at the Fair Office.  **Excludes Season Carnival Ride Pass**

Daily Ticket Prices

Adults                              $7.00
Senior (62+)                    $4.00
Children (6-12)               $4.00
Children (5 & under)    FREE
Adult Season Pass        $25.00
Child Season Pass         $10.00
Senior Season Pass       $10.00

Daily Carnival Ride Pass     $25.00

Season Carnival Ride Pass    $70.00

44 thoughts on “Hours and Prices

  1. So Sunday’s aren’t free admission anymore? That’s really disappointing. It’s already so expensive don’t you guys make enough money now you take away free family day? Ugh 😑


  2. I came in on Wednesday. To purchase a pass and you weren’t selling them why on earth would you not have passes on the day the fair opens my guess is maybe you guys want to make more money guess I won’t get to enjoy the fair except on senior day way to go fair


  3. Can the carnival ride passes be purchased online? Or do we need to wait until the fair starts? In the past there was a discount if we bought them early….


  4. A couple of questions. Since the hours of operation for the Fair are not listed on the Hours and Prices page, may I assume the fair opens at 11:00 AM as noted on the Events page? Also, which day (if any) has free admission for seniors (62+)? Thank you.


  5. I just don’t get why Our Honorable Active and Disabled Veterans are not honored by providing Discounts at gates and events. Several of our vets have suffered PTSD. By providing this it show to them that they are appreciated and honored to come out and enjoy events with the rest of the community. Please everyone express your appreciation and help advocate our veterans.


    • On the home page, there is an icon that says “buy tickets”, there is one red in color and one yellow in color. Simply click on the icon and it will open a new tab to purchase tickets. Once completing the ticket purchase steps, you simply print out the tickets you ordered and then bring them to the fair. Admission into the fair is not included in the purchase of the tickets. Pre-sale admission tickets are being sold in the Fair Office right now, as a buy one get one free deal. Hope this helps & hope to see you at the Fair this year!


    • The Fair Opens at 10:00am, Wednesday – Sunday. I just revised the page to show the times that the Fair will be shutting down each night as well! Thank you so much for your interest!


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