Vendor Info & Forms

Fair Vendor Information

If you are interested in a concession or exhibit space at the Lassen County Fair, please review the linked documents below. We give preference to returning concessionaires, but we also welcome new opportunities. Any spaces not filled by returning concessionaires are available to new vendors and are issued based upon what is lacking in concession variety. It is up to the fair staff’s discretion as to who is awarded a contract. Information about your menu and a photo or photos are especially helpful to our staff in choosing new concessionaires.  If you plan on being a concessionaire for our Fair, you are expected to review the Concessions Handbook for the current year and follow all rules and regulations.  If you would like more information about our fair in general, please visit our “About Us” section or contact us at (530) 251-8900.

All Forms must be filled out and completed before we will consider you as a concessionaire.

Raffles and Drawings

The Lassen County Fair will accept paperwork for three raffles per fair.  The raffle item must be approved by the fair manager and fair board and then will be put into a lotto system.  No organization can have a raffle for a consecutive fair season.  In order to comply with all applicable federal, state and local statutes and ordinances, paperwork must be submitted to the office of the Attorney General.  The vendor must provide proof of acceptance in order to hold the raffle.  Raffles are limited to the vendor’s booth space only, no roaming is permitted. All drawings must be held prior to the close of Fair.


All concessions must provide proof of insurance! If you do not have insurance YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE IT THROUGH CFSA and you need to have it prior to setting up at the fair. Also, all concessions must be paid in full before setting up! Individual insurance can be purchased through CFSA ( or contact their office at (916)-263-6145.

If you plan on being a concessionaire, you must stay for the duration of the fair, Wednesday-Sunday. There are no exceptions. We do this to make everything available to the public for the entire duration of the fair.