Congratulations to Autry Satica who was crowned as Miss Lassen County 2020 at the scholarship pageant held Friday, July 24th, 2020 at the Lassen County Fairgrounds.
Final results from the pageant:

Most Photogenic: Julia Bias

Miss Congeniality: Brooklyn Smith

Community Service Award: Autry Satica

Most Talented: Julia Bias

Princess and 2nd Runner Up: Molly Bettencourt

Ambassadress of Susanville and 1st Runner Up: Julia Bias

Miss Lassen County 2020: Autry Satica


MLC Court

A BIG Thank You to Shelley Bennett for organizing our Miss Lassen County Pageant!!!

And congratulations to our

Little Mr. & Little Miss Lassen County 2020:

Little Mr. – Easton Bias

Little Miss – Clara Sue Hoffman

Prince – Kaleb Clapp

Princess – Ariana Cain

Thank You Tasia Harrison for organizing our 2020 Little Mr. & Miss Lassen County Contest!


Thank you to all our Miss Lassen County Pageant Scholarship Sponsors:



J&J Performing Arts – Dance Studio

The Hair Studio

Morning Glory, Inc.






6-30-20 Fair Cancellation Letter

2020 Fair Logo

Your Community & Your Fair!

**If you are going to show Independent, you must register with the Fair Office by January 1**





52 thoughts on “Home

  1. We have Matie & Tae Concert Tickets On Friday Night July 19th ; this will be our first time at your Fair !
    Is there an extra charge to get into the Fair ? We do not want to do the Carnival Thing, but would like to look around at the Fair before the Concert !


  2. Three questions!! Are the all week entry passes still available and if so are they still buy one get one free? Are there still more concert tickets? And will the Zipper be there this year?


    • 1. Yes, they are available as long as we have the “free” passes.
      2. Yes there is.
      3. As far as we know, yes the Zipper will be here. We do not do the contract, we have a company that comes in and does it, and we haven’t received the list of rides yet.


    • We have the carnival bands in the office right now. For one day unlimited rides is $25.00 and the unlimited carnival rides for the week is $70.00. We will be selling them in the office until the 17th of July.


    • The application for the Bluegrass Festival craft vendors is listed under Interim Events->Bluegrass Festival and pricing is listed on the application.

      The application for the vendor for fair is listed under Annual Fair->Vendor Info and Forms and pricing is listed on that application as well.


    • Paul Maurer sells individual and packet tickets, the fair only sells day passes. For individual and packet prices you would need to visit Paul Maurer website or one of the ticket booths on the midway.


      • The free days are as follows: Thursday – Kiddies Day – Children 12 & under. Friday Old Timers’ Day – Seniors 62 & older. Saturday – Scouts/Veteran’s Day – Vets are free with ID. Sunday – Family Day. Adults are $3.00 and children and seniors are free


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